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"...From This Moment, an impeccably arranged, deceptively simple covers album..."
- Cam Fuller, Star Phoenix (Canada)
"It's easy to see how Laverty turned so many ears...she's blessed with a pure, strong voice, and a sense for translating meaningful ideas into easy melodies and catchy hooks that are hard to ignore."
- Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal (Canada)
"If you can judge by her new album cover [Ground Beneath My Feet], Eileen Laverty's talent is as rare as green grass in December."
- Cam Fuller, StarPhoenix (Canada)
"Radio-friendly arrangements are peppered with the sounds of mandolin, accordion and dobro, with Eileen's beautiful, expressive vocals providing the linchpin of the recording."
- Mike Wilson, Rambles.net (UK)
"...this album confirms her as a talent to watch." [Dancing with Angels]
- Neil McKay, Sunday Life (Northern Ireland)
"...striking originality"
- Billboard Magazine (USA)
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